READ FIRST - Forum rules and guidelines.

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READ FIRST - Forum rules and guidelines.

Rules and Guidelines

1.Pretty simple, treat others the way you would want to be treated :) Harsh and negative language will not be tolerated so just be respectful.

2. Please be as descriptive as possible when asking support/style questions. If the question is visual in nature please link to the page or provide a screenshot if the site is being developed locally. For advanced issues that cannot be solved in the forums we may ask for site login credentials to help resolve the issue.]

3. When posting suggestions for theme improvements, please make one concise post with all of your suggestions rather than making several different threads for individual suggestions.

4. Please limit support questions to issues related to the theme or template. We cannot offer assistance with issues related to web hosting and third party modules or plugins unless there is a direct issue with the theme or template.

5. We are happy to assist with minor style-related questions, but we cannot help you drastically change something about the template or theme. If you are looking for something really custom you can create a job-related post and someone from our forum community may be interested in the work.

6. We will do our best to respond to every support thread within 48 hours of being posted. Support will be very limited on the weekends. Responses will typically come between the hours of 10am to 7pm CST Monday - Friday.

Failure to comply with these forum rules may result in a permanent ban, so please help us to help you by following them :)

Other Thoughts

If you purchased one of our themes or templates we would like to thank you very much for your business. Please do not hesitate to post suggestions or feedback in the item comments on themeforest or in the forums. If there is something broken in the theme we will try and resolve the issue as soon as possible, and every suggestion will be taken into consideration.

If you haven't already, please take the time to rate the theme or template you purchased in your downloads tab. Ratings and feedback help us a lot and we greatly appreciate them :)

Once again, thank you very much for your business and we look forward to talking to you in the forums.